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yEnc TZ is a simple, freeware, program that decodes yEnc encoded files. I wrote it because I couldn't find an existing standalone yEnc decoder for Macintosh, and I wasn't about to pay $15 for a piece of shareware just so I could look at yEnc encoded binary files. MT-Newswatcher 3.2 for Mac OS X advertises that it can handle yEnc encoded binary files, but it wants to hand them off to another program to do the decoding. You can tell Newswatcher to use "yEnc TZ" instead. If you are running OS 7 or 8, use yEnc TZ Classic. If you are running 9 or X, use yEnc TZ, because it has better long file name support. The source code for both versions of yEnc TZ is on my web site.yEnc TZ also decodes UUEncoded, Base64, and Palm Doc files.
Tony Nelson kindly submitted the following bug fixes, which have been incorporated into this version, both the released binary and the source code. CWPro5 doesn't allow // comments when ANSI Strict is set. Only quit after timeout if there were no errors. Better structure for event loop prevents odd behavior. File open write vs. append mode mapping fixed. Doesn't overwrite existing files. Uses new name. BASE64 and UU handle multipart messages. UU doesn't skip last line 2/3 of the time. All errors show a message. May still sometimes fail to write all remaining parts? yEnc now accepts an escaped SPACE. Only removes input file if all parts decoded correctly.